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Feature 1

Real Time Web Data Access Inside Chat Window

Experience the seamless integration of AI-powered chat into your browsing experience with Kursor. Switch effortlessly between ChatGPT and Bard, benefiting from their distinct functionalities. The "web access" feature adds an extra layer of depth to ChatGPT's responses, incorporating web data to provide you with even more informative and engaging conversations.

  •     AI-Powered Chat
  •     Web Data Integration
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Feature 2

Say Goodbye to Tedious Browsing: Get Instant AI-Powered Search Responses

With Kursor, get instant responses to your Google searches using either ChatGPT or Bard, based on your preference. No more hopping between numerous websites for answers!

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Feature 3

Introducing AI-Enhanced Compose feature: Unlock Your Full Creative Potential

Revolutionize the way you compose emails, replies, poems, blogs, articles, and more. Experience the future of writing with our AI-powered composition feature and elevate your writing to new heights.

  • Increased productivity & Confidence-Boosting
  • Versatile Writing Support with contextual understanding
  • Instant Personalized Compositions & Grammar, Spell checks
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Kursor Received 5/5 Stars from its users

Divyanshi Tiwari

A breakthrough technology! Highly innovative and advanced. Great catalyst for boosting productivity exponentially, especially for students. Moreover, it's easy to use.

Anup Kumar Jaiswal

Earlier I used to have a lot of trouble while surfing the internet, Kursor is really helping me in getting my daily tasks done. I love how I can compose emails and create summaries. It has made the GPT functionalities quite handy.

Tony Stark

Kursor is an amazing AI tool that can supercharge your productivity and make content creation a breeze. It quickly generates high-quality content and is perfect for those who need to produce a lot of content on a regular basis. The best part? It can be customized to fit your specific needs. If you're looking to increase your efficiency and take your work to the next level, I highly recommend giving kursor a try. You won't be disappointed!


Really good feature , I love how I can easily use chatgpt in my day to day life with the help of this

Questions About Kursor We have Answers!

Kursor offers several advantages over using ChatGPT and Bard independently, largely due to its enhanced integration and expanded features. Let's break it down:

1. Browser-integrated AI Chat
2. Seamless Experience and Enhanced Functionality
3. Simplified and Streamlined Writing Experience

In a nutshell, while ChatGPT and Bard are powerful tools individually, Kursor's unique blend of these AI capabilities, coupled with seamless browser integration and extended functionalities, creates a more efficient and user-friendly environment. This makes Kursor a more comprehensive solution for those who value convenience, quick information access, and engaging AI interactions.

Using Kursor you can save hours each week while surfing the net.

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